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FoUr Pillars

Dual Language Education

Dual-language education is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages.
Dual-language programs use the partner language (English) for at least half of the instructional day in the elementary years. We want to foster bilingualism, bi-literacy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages.

Art Class

Dual Language Program

Fun in Rain

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset individuals believe that their talents, intelligence, and abilities can be developed further, thus seeking opportunities to learn, gain new skills, and enhance their existing skills.  When approaching learning and mastering skills, we want to empower our students to have a growth mindset and give them the tools to help them to succeed. We welcome challenges and mistakes as opportunities to grow. 

Team-building Workshop

It is vital for elementary grade level students to learn collaborative skills. During Team-building workshop, they will have the opportunity and guidance to learn necessity skills  as well as build life long friendship.

Technology Class
Christian Booklet

Christian Education

Rooted in Christ is a core value at DGA. All students at DGA are given the opportunity to grow in their faith. From inquiring minds that may have questions about Christianity, to those who desire to grow genuinely in the faith, all students are welcome to experience a variety of activities designed to help them in their spiritual journey. Every Monday, students at DGA will join together for worship during the all-school chapel. Once a week, the elementary will join for an elementary chapel, as well as dive-deep in learning about the Bible in their Bible classes. All students, regardless of their religious background are required to participate in all spiritual activities.

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