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2022 - 2023 Grade Chart

Birthday Guide

Grade 1

Aug. 1, 2015- July. 31, 2016

Age 6-7

Grade 2

Aug. 1, 2014- July. 31, 2015

Age 7-8

Grade 3

Aug. 1, 2013- July. 31, 2014

Age 8-9

Grade 4

Aug. 1, 2012- July. 31, 2013

Age 9-10

Grade 5

Aug. 1, 2011- July. 31, 2012

Age 10-11


Dure Global Academy Elementary is currently accepting students in the first to third grade for the 2022-2023 school year.  

We aim to make the application process a pleasant and straightforward experience. Please check the birthday guide to see if your child is eligible to apply. 

Application Process

Downloadable Files

Step 1

Information session

During this online information session, we will share our educational philosophy, curriculum, and entrance requirements.

Step 2

Interview Assessment

Both parents and students will have an interview with our 

Elementary Director and Headteacher. Also, students will take an assessment.

Step 3


We will inform the parents of the official acceptance by email within 3 days. After submitting the required documents and paying tuition, the student's first day of school will be confirmed.

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